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Annie Nordberg
Executive Producer​ & On-Camera Talent

Annie is a 35 year old mother of two, and a relatively new member of the GBA-ARTA Productions team. Annie started working for the team back in 2014, when she was a producer for one of the TV shows being developed--Nside California. Her skills at communications, project management, research and analysis, and her unyielding drive make Annie a valued asset to our unique production team.
She was also a valued member of another team—Annie was Lead Transportation Security Officer for the Department of Homeland Security, and served as a liaison, in a Collateral Duty assignment, on the Threat Assessment Counter-measures Team (TACT) with the Portland International Airport Bomb Appraisal Officers. Annie was also Assistant Training Instructor and Training Subject Matter Expert (SME), in Screening Procedures.
Annie continues with the team as one of the Executive Producers for GBAT-TV and also manages the production of a couple of other programs (Scammers and A Fork in the Road). In addition to management and program coordination, Annie lends her striking presence to making her “On-Camera” appearances a pleasure to watch. She is one of the Hosts of Nside California, and is looking forward to bringing great travel destinations and adventures to the GBAT-TV Network of programs.

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