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Aubri McCoy Headshot.jpg
Samantha “Aubri” McCoy
Producer and On-Camera Talent

From the time Aubri was a small child, she was singing and performing for anyone she could. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Music, from San Francisco State University, specializing in Vocal Performance. Even though born with body issues and partial deafness, she went on to composing, writing music, and singing performances 


In 2015, Aubri temporarily lost her voice, which drove her to shift her focus toward acting. She has been in many small independent films, and has composed several film pieces. After regaining most of her voice, back in 2018, Aubri finally finished her first original album, called Unexpected Journey.  She has just started her second album and hopes this one won't take nearly as long. 


In addition to her Producer and “On-Camera” functions (with GBATTV) Aubri still acts and hopes to be in bigger films, but loves learning all aspects of film making. She has many other passions such as fencing, martial arts, writing, and furthering her interest in learning how to produce music, films, and TV. 

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