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Jeska Lapin
Set Design

Jeska is a native to the Bay, Jeska has been working in the Bay Area Film Industry, doing Props/Fabrication, Set Dressing/Building and Production Design, for almost 20 years. Growing up with a very artistically talented mom and a highly skilled carpenter dad, she feels very fortunate to have the best of these two worlds—Precision and creativity! She has built, designed and propped out sets for a wide range of commercials, feature films, operas/musicals and live events. Some of her recent works include the Netflix TV series—“Thirteen Reasons Why”, Google, Dockers and a Live SuperBowl Show. She loves the art of storytelling through aesthetics, thinking outside the box, and creating the details that make you want to look twice. Jeska has a strong appreciation for every medium of art from theater, music, museums and film. She loves working with a diverse crew, collaborating with all cultures and walks of life. Exploring new ideas and places, spending time with her loved ones and combining her skills and passion for helping the community are what keeps her balanced and inspired.

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