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Jose Morquecho Photo 2.jpg
Jose E Morquecho

Jose Morquecho has been professionally photographing and recording sporting events and news stories, in the San Francisco area for more than 25 years, and has accreditation from the FAA, to add professional drone piloting to his long list of production offerings.


Jose's covered nationally televised NFL, NBA, NHL games. He also photographed the Laci Peterson Murder Case from the day she was reported missing through the guilty verdict. He has an Honorable Mention by the San Francisco Press Photographer Association (SFPPA) for his contribution to the Barry Bonds 700th  home run and the struggle for the ball in the stands. His recording was the exclusive footage used in court to determine ownership of the ball. 


In additional to his exceptional photography, Jose also has great communication skills in either Spanish or English. He interviewed Mexican President Vincente Fox, in 2004. Jose has helped interview Members of Congress: Former Sec. Condoleezza Rice, sports personalities, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Colin Kaepernick, and many others. 


As a military veteran, Jose credits the Marines for instilling in him a superior work ethic, professional demeanor, and how to work as a team. 

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