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Kre Hart
Executive Producer - "New Money"

Kre Hart was born in Shreveport, schooled at Berkeley High, then Texas College, an HBCU school in Tyler, Texas, where she played basketball. After College she made her way to Hollywood, and was introduced to Television Production. She wrote and developed dozen of shows for one of the biggest show runners in the business, John Lynch of Lynch Siderow Productions. She work on productions for both Comedy Central and E Networks.


Kre also had some success in front of the camera as a SAG/AFTRA commercial actress and model, landing principal roles on some major National spots. She was given the opportunity to live in Cholet, France. During her 10-year stay, she learned the language, did some catalog and runway modeling, played basketball for the Nationally ranked Cholet Basket, and even taught High School and Elementary Catholic school (developing a successful business teaching English).


Kre never lost her passion for Production. She continued developing shows remotely, in her down time. In fact, Kre implemented her production style into her teaching, resulting in one of the biggest classes, at the biggest women’s sports organization in the region—the ASPTT. That experience led to her working with the City's Mayor—Gilles Bourdouleix (as a translator during) the Cholet World Basketball Cup Tournament 2015 and 2016.

Returning to the US, in 2016, Kre's is relying on her extensive work in front of the camera to lead her back to Production…her true Passion.

Kre Looks forward to bringing her style and fresh ideas to GBATTV. 

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