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Mary Promo Headshot-1.jpg
Mary Chow
Videographer and Controller

 Mary has an interesting history with GBATTV. Back in the mid 70’s Mary began her photography training, taking college classes in still photography, and shooting with GBAT Founder – L Michael Bouyer. But early in her work career, she suspended her photography path and began working for NASA (at Moffett Field). After retiring from more than three decades of being responsible for maintenance and repair, and minor construction projects for NASA, she reconnected with Michael, and he convinced her to pick up a camera again. Mary shoots more and more of the GBATTV productions (as 2nd camera) and she wears another hat – She is also the company’s Controller, being responsible for approving expenditures and maintaining financial checks and balances. (Mary appears in the pre-release segment of “Fit After 50” and from time to time, she also appears in front of the camera, on various GBATTV programs).

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