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Pete DePalma Headshot.jpg
Pete Depalma

Pete was born and raised on the East Coast and has always been a creative, freelancing in the Visual Arts.  He is a Combat Wounded Veteran of the U.S. Navy and served during Desert Storm.  He is extremely active in the American Legion, the worlds largest Federally Chartered Veteran's Service Organization.   After a 25 year career in Finance, having founded and owned one of the largest Online Mortgage Banking Firms in the United States throughout the latter half of the 90’s and early 2000’s, he retired to Northern California in 2009 and soon realized retirement just wasn’t for him. It was then that his Photography & Videography Career began!  Today, in addition to his association with GBATTV, he owns and operates Marauder Media Group based out of Roseville, CA which is billed as “The Media and Marketing Firm for Eateries & Entertainment” fulfilling the photography, videography, merch, and marketing needs of Restaurants, Bars, Entertainment Venues, and Performers across the United States.

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