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Subscriptions are the main source of revenue used to pay GBATTV production and operating costs. Without YOUR single subscription of ONLY $25 once each year, GBATTV would struggle to keep DOING THE RIGHT THING… Bringing intelligent television to our Greater Bay Area families and communities, and providing students a new career path.


  1.  Subscriptions support the efforts of the Moms, Grandmoms, Sisters, and Daughters of GBA-ARTA Productions, working hard to bring you intelligent TV.

  2. Subscriptions (that are not used to pay production and operation expenses) are used to create community services… giving back to the communities we serve.

  3. Subscribers get priority access to BONUS content on programs we produce, like: Extended content, Behind-the-Scenes interviews, and even program “Bloopers” and “Outtakes”.

  4.  Subscribers get a membership to GBA-ARTA (if you are in the Art or Entertainment business) or a “Resource Contributor/Supporter” listing in the GBA Talent on-line Directory.

  5. Subscribers get discounts on GBA-ARTA workshops, conferences, classes, and seminars.​

For the cost of a lunch for two
GBATTV: About you....by you....for you!

Must be at least 18 years of age to Subscribe (or must have parental permission).